Kahlina is a female solo intrumentalist(one [wo]man band), songwriter and producer. Writing her own lyrics and music, recording – mixing and mastering, promoting and producing it. From a young age she enjoyed music and singing. She joined a childrens choir and already performed for some big audiences. Kahlina does not work within the borders of one genre but mixes different genres and styles which result in a unique futuristic, style.
She completed a 4year education in Sound & Vision and added another year of education in Music Production. In 2014 she started her own project ‘Kahlina’ making her own music, changing her master bedroom into a homestudio. Buying some quality tech gear and started writing and producing her own music from home. ” I just kept making music and kept improving myself with every new song. Learning from my mistakes and do it better with the next one” Which eventually resulted in good, positive feedback from listeners and friends.

Only a year later she already gained some impressive succes with competing in the Global Rockstar competition and becoming a national winner with thousands of votes for her song Crooked Coryphee. Even the local newspaper had to give her some spotlight in their newest edition. Not long after that she earned an Akademia Award in January 2016 for her song Genesis. The Akademia Awards then exclusively invited her to come to Los Angeles in California to come to a Red Carpet Gala, celebrating the Akademia Awards Winners. In June 2016 she earned another Akademia Award for her song Mars.

Inbetween all this success she produces her own upcomming album and also collaborates with other musicians around the globe. For example she collaborated with Everpresent and released a song together, which has aired on radio and has been reviewed in magazines and other sites.

Stubborn as she is, she always likes to be different which also translates into her music. Always looking for the sounds that are new, unique and original. Looking for those sounds that you do not expect when you accidently hit a wrong note or when you do something you are not supposed to do. This results in mixes of genres and styles. Kahlina likes to mix (hard)rock with electronic music and add other influences such as orchestrial and heavy D&B sounds.

Kahlina is not your everyday musician, she is very unique and talented and a fast rising rockstar.



Kahlina releases debut album Digital Dreaming
December 2016/12/30: Kahlina released the first part of her album called Digital Dreaming. Now selling worldwide through 30+ channels. The album is not just a collection of songs, it is a sci-fi story about a female Android named Venix.

Akademia Artist spotlight
December 2016: After winning an Akademia Award for her song Androidia,
Kahlina was also given an artist spotlight by the Akademia Executives.
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Akademia Award Winner!
December 2016: Kahlina has won an Akademia Award for her song ‘Androidia’
Akademia Award Best Song in Alternative Rock.
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Akademia Award Winner!
June 2016: Kahlina has won an Akademia Award for her song ‘Mars’
Akademia Award Best Song in Alternative Rock / Electronica.
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Kahlina exclusively invited to Los Angeles!
On an exclusive invitation I have flown to Los Angeles and have been to a Gala event.
This was all because I had won an Akademia Award in January.

Akademia Award Winner!
January 2016: Kahlina has won an Akademia Award for the first song ‘Genesis’ of her album Digital Dreaming.
Akademia Award Best Song in Alternative Rock / Instrumental.
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Kahlina appears in local newspaper!
Thanks to the success with Global Rockstar 2015, Kahlina was interviewed for the local newspaper Hart van Holland, reaching possibly over 30.000 readers.
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Global Rockstar National Winner!
December 2015: Kahlina is a National Winner of the Global Rockstar Contest 2015, and 10th in the Global Ranking
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